List of LCG games and expansions

FFG Games:

A Game of Thrones LCG
GOT30 The War of the Five Kings
GOT31 Ancient Enemies
GOT32 Sacred Bonds
GOT33 Epic Battles
GOT34 Battle of Ruby Ford
GOT35 Calling the Banners
GOT36 A Game of Thrones LCG: Core Set
GOT37 A Song of Summer
GOT38 The Winds of Winter
GOT39 A Change of Seasons
GOT40 The Raven's Song
GOT41 Refugees of War
GOT42 Scattered Armies
GOT43e City of Secrets
GOT44e A Time of Trials
GOT45e The Tower of the Hand
GOT46e Tales from the Red Keep
GOT47e Secrets and Spies
GOT48e The Battle of Blackwater Bay
GOT49e Kings of the Sea Expansion Reprint
GOT50e Princes of the Sun Expansion Reprint
GOT51e Wolves of the North
GOT52e Beyond the Wall
GOT53e A Sword in the Darkness
GOT54e The Wildling Horde
GOT55e A King in the North
GOT56e Return of the Others
GOT58 Lords of Winter Expansion
GOT60 Illyrio's Gift
GOT61 Rituals of R''hllor
GOT62 Mountains of the Moon
GOT63 A Song of Silence Chapter Pack
GOT64 Of Snakes and Sand Chapter Pack
GOT65 Dreadfort Betrayal Chapter Pack
GOT66 Ki ngs of the Storm Expansion
GOT68 Gates of the Citadel
GOT69 Forging the Chain
GOT70 Called by the Conclave
GOT71 The Isle of Ravens
GOT72 Mask of the Archmaester
GOT73 Here to Serve
GOT74 Queen of Dragons Expansion
GOT76 Lions of the Rock Expansion
GOT78 Tourney for the Hand
GOT79 The Grand Melee
GOT80 On Dangerous Grounds
GOT81 Where Loyalty Lies
GOT82 Trial by Combat
GOT83 A Poisoned Spear
GOT84 Valar Morghulis
GOT85 Valar Dohaeris
GOT86 Chasing Dragons
GOT87 A Harsh Mistress
GOT88 The House of Black and White
GOT89 A Roll of the Dice
GOT90 Reach of the Kraken
GOT91 The Great Fleet
GOT92 The Pirates of Lys [contents] [spoilers]
GOT93 A Turn of the Tide
GOT94 The Captain's Command
GOT95 A Journey's End
GOT96 The Banners Gather
GOT97 Fire and Ice
GOT98 The Kingsguard
GOT99 The Horn That Wakes
GOT100 Forgotten Fellowship
GOT101 A Hidden Agenda
GOT102 Spoils of War
GOT103 The Champion’s Purse
GOT104 Fire Made Flesh
GOT105 Ancestral Home
GOT106 The Prize of the North
GOT107 A Dire Message
GOT108 Secrets and Schemes
GOT109 A Deadly Game
GOT110 The Valemen
GOT111 A Time for Wolves
GOT112 House of Talons
GOT113 The Blue is Calling

Game of Thrones (2nd Edition):
GT01 Game of Thrones 2nd Ed. Core

Call of Cthulhu LCG:
CT12e Spawn of Madness Asylum Pack
CT13e Kingsport Dreams Asylum Pack
CT14e Conspiracies of Chaos Asylum Pack
CT15e Dunwich Denizens Asylum Pack
CT16e The Mountains of Madness Asylum Pack
CT17e Ancient Horrors Asylum Pack
CT18 Call of Cthulhu LCG: Core Set
CT19e The Spawn of the Sleeper
CT20e The Horror Beneath the Surface
CT21e The Antediluvian Dreams
CT22e The Terror of the Tides
CT23e The Thing from the Shore
CT24e The Path to Y'ha-nthlei
CT25 Bag of Cthulhu
CT26 Twilight Horror
CT27 In Memory of Day
CT28 In the Dread of Night
CT29 Search for the Silver Key
CT30 Sleep of the Dead
CT31 Journey to Unknown Kadath
CT32 Secrets of Arkham Expansion
CT33 The Order of the Silver Twilight Expansion
CT34 Whispers in the Dark Asylum Pack
CT35 Murmurs of Evil Asylum Pack
CT36 The Spoken Covenant Asylum Pack
CT37 The Wailer Below Asylum Pack
CT38 Screams from Within Asylum Pack
CT39 The Cacophony Asylum Pack
CT40 The Twilight Beckons Asylum Pack
CT41 Perilous Trials Asylum Pack
CT42 Initiations of the Favored Asylum Pack
CT43 Aspirations of Ascension Asylum Pack
CT44 The Gleaming Spiral Asylum Pack
CT45 That Which Consumes Asylum Pack
CT47 The Shifting Sands Asylum Pack
CT48 Curse of the Jade Emperor Asylum Pack
CT49 The Breathing Jungle Asylum Pack
CT50 Never Night Asylum Pack
CT51 Into Tartarus Asylum Pack
CT52 Shadow of the Monolith Asylum Pack
CT53 Written and Bound Asylum Pack
CT54 Words of Power Asylum Pack
CT55 Ebla Restored Asylum Pack
CT56 Lost Rites Asylum Pack
CT57 The Unspeakable Pages Asylum Pack
CT58 Touched by the Abyss Asylum Pack
CT59 Seekers of Knowledge Deluxe Expansion
CT60 The Key and the Gate Deluxe Expansion
CT61 Terror in Venice
CT62 Denizens of the Underworld
CT63 The Sleeper Below
CT64 For the Greater Good
CT65 The Thousand Young

ADN01 Netrunner Core Set
ADN02 What Lies Ahead [contents] [spoilers]
ADN03 Trace Amount
ADN04 Cyber Exodus
ADN05 A Study in Static [contents] [spoilers]
ADN06 Humanity’s Shadow
ADN07 Future Proof
ADN08 Creation and Control
ADN09 Opening Moves
ADN10 Second Thoughts
ADN11 Mala Tempora
ADN12 True Colors
ADN13 Fear and Loathing
ADN14 Double Time
ADN15 Honor and Profit
ADN16 Upstalk
ADN17 The Spaces Between
ADN18 First Contact
ADN19 Up and Over
ADN20 All That Remains
ADN21 The Source
ADN22 Order and Chaos
ADN23 The Valley
ADN24 Breaker Bay
ADN25 Chrome City
ADN26 The Underway
ADN27 Old Hollywood

Star Wars: The Card Game
SWC01 Star Wars: The Card Game
SWC02 The Desolation of Hoth [contents] [spoilers]
SWC03 The Search for Skywalker
SWC04 A Dark Time
SWC05 Assault on Echo Base
SWC06 The Battle of Hoth
SWC07 Escape from Hoth
SWC08 Edge of Darkness
SWC09 Balance of the Force
SWC10 Heroes and Legends
SWC11 Lure of the Dark Side
SWC12 Knowledge and Defense
SWC13 Joins Us or Die
SWC14 It Binds All Things
SWC15 Darkness and Light
SWC16 Ready for Takeoff
SWC17 Draw Their Fire
SWC18 Evasive Maneuvers
SWC19 Attack Run
SWC20 Chain of Command
SWC21 Jump to Lightspeed
SWC22 Between the Shadows

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
MEC01 Lord of the Rings Core Game
MEC02 The Hunt for Gollum
MEC03 Conflict at the Carrock
MEC04 A Journey to Rhosgobel
MEC05 The Hills of Emyn Muil
MEC06 The Dead Marshes
MEC07 Return to Mirkwood
MEC08 Khazad-dûm Expansion
MEC09 The Redhorn Gate
MEC10 Road to Rivendell
MEC11 The Watcher in the Water
MEC12 The Long Dark
MEC13 Foundations of Stone
MEC14 Shadow and Flame
MEC15 Massing at Osgiliath
MEC16 The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill
MEC17 Heirs to Numenor Expansion [contents] [spoilers]
MEC18 The Steward’s Fear
MEC19 The Drúadan Forest
MEC20 Encounter at Amon Din
MEC21 Assault on Osgiliath
MEC22 The Blood of Gondor
MEC23 The Morgul Vale
MEC24 The Hobbit: On the Doorstep
MEC25 The Voice of Isengard
MEC26 The Dunland Trap
MEC27 The Three Trials
MEC28 The Trouble in Tharbad
MEC29 The Nin-in-Eliph
MEC30 Celebrimbor’s Secret
MEC31 The Antlered Crown
MEC32 The Black Riders
uMEC33 The Stone of Erech
MEC34 The Road Darkens
MEC35 The Battle for Lake-town [contents]
uMEC36 Fog on the Barrow-Downs
uMEC37 The Old Forest
MEC38 The Lost Realm
MEC39 The Wastes of Eriador
MEC40 Escape from Mount Gram
MEC45 The Treason of Saruman
MEN01 Passage Through Mirkwood NM
MEN02 Journey Along the Anduin NM
MEN03 Escape from Dol Guldur NM
MEN04 The Hunt for Gollum Nightmare
MEN05 Conflict at the Carrock NM
MEN06 A Journey to Rhosgobel NM
MEN07 The Hills of Emyn Nuil NM
MEN08 The Dead Marshes Nightmare
MEN09 Return to Mirkwood NM
MEN10 Khazad-dum Nightmare Decks
MEN11 The Redhorn Gate Nightmare
MEN12 Road to Rivendell Nightmare
MEN13 The Watcher in the Water NM
MEN14 The Long Dark Nightmare Deck
MEN15 Foundations of Stone Nightmare
MEN16 Shadow and Flame Nightmare
MEN17 Hobbit: Over Hill and Under NM
MEN18 Hobbit: On the Doorstep NM
MEN21 Heirs of Numenor Nightmare

Warhammer 40K: Conquest:
WHK01 Conquest Core Set
WHK02 The Howl of Blackmane
WHK03 The Scourge
WHK04 Gift of the Ethereals
WHK05 Zogwort’s Curse
WHK06 The Threat Beyond
WHK07 Descendants of Isha

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
WHC01 Core Game [contents]
WHC02 The Skavenblight Threat
WHC03 Path of the Zealot
WHC04 Tooth and Claw
WHC05 The Deathmaster's Dance
WHC06 The Warpstone Chronicles
WHC07 Arcane Fire
WHC08 Assault on Ulthuan Expansion
WHC09 The Burning of Derricksburg
WHC10 The Fall of Karak Grimaz
WHC11 The Silent Forge
WHC12 Redemption of a Mage
WHC13 The Fourth Waystone
WHC14 Bleeding Sun
WHC15 March of the Damned
WHC16 Omens of Ruin
WHC17 The Chaos Moon
WHC18 The Twin Tailed Comet
WHC19 Signs in the Stars
WHC20 The Eclipse of Hope
WHC21 Fiery Dawn
WHC22 Legends Expansion
WHC23 The Inevitable City
WHC24 Realm of the Phoenix King
WHC25 The Iron Rock
WHC26 Karaz-a-Karak
WHC27 City of Winter
WHC28 The Imperial Throne
WHC29 Rising Dawn
WHC30 Fragments of Power [contents]
WHC31 The Accursed Dead
WHC32 Vessel of the Winds
WHC33 Portent of Doom
WHC34 Shield of the Gods
WHC35 Days of Blood [contents] [spoilers]
WHC36 Oaths of Vengeance
WHC37 Battle for the Old World [contents] [spoilers]
WHC38 Glory of Days Past [contents] [spoilers]
WHC39 The Ruinous Hordes [contents] [spoilers]
WHC40 Faith and Steel
WHC41 Cataclysm
WHC42 Hidden Kingdoms

AEG Games:

Doomtown: Reloaded
5901 DT Base Set
5902 New Town, New Rules
5903 Double Dealin’
5904 Election Day Slaughter
5905 Faith and Fear Pinebox

Romance of the Nine Empires
R9E Core Set
Arcane Fire

Other Games:

Berserk: War of the Realms
Berserk: War of the Realms
Berserk: Knights and Villains

Elemental Clash
Master Set
Legendary Legacy
Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins (2 Promos)

Hull Breach
Corporate Wars
Loyalty and Vigilance
In Defiance of Dictators

Mage Wars
Mage Wars Core Set
Core Spell Tome
Core Spell Tome 2
Conquest of Kumanjaro
Forcemaster vs Warlord
Forged in Fire
Druid vs Necromancer

Nature of the Beast
Forest vs Farm
City vs Suburb
Prairie vs Polar
Prairie vs Polar Expansion Pack

Combat in Kowloon
Back for Seconds
Queens Gambit
Knight’s Passage

Warmahordes: High Command
61002 Warmachine High Command
61003 Hordes High Command
61007 The Big Guns
61008 Into the Breach
61009 Heroes & Legends
61010 Colossal Warfare
61013 Savage Guardians
61014 Elemental Rage
61015 Immortal Tales
61016 Gargantuan Might
61020 Faith and Fortune
61021 Invasion of Sul
61022 Castle of the Keys
61023 Escalating Conflict
61024 Engines of Destruction

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